Sam Hausman Meat Packer


Sam Hausman Foods was established in 1939. The company is dedicated and commitment to quality has continued through four generations. The company has developed through values of honesty, hard work and dedication. This is reflected in our customer service and quality products.
The company current management crew is a grouping of third and fourth generation family members along with experienced professional executives. The customer can count on this crew to continue providing customer with the highest standards in the food service industry. Sam Hausman Foods is a family of industrialist employees committed to quality and to creating development by joining with customers to timely service their rapidly changing needs. 

The company center value is to be responsive to customers, employees, and vendors by providing value, good quality and constancy. To guarantee working environment that is safe, productive and allows for the development of committed and dedication. To have a company idea that incorporates honesty, integrity, fairness, and that operates in a profitable manner creating stability for all stakeholders. 
The company product is naturally smoked their special cuts of meat are cooked slowly over selected hardwoods. This natural process makes sure a constant product with excellent flavor and texture. Sliced and Whole Brisket; before the cooking process, delicious spices are chafe over their brisket sealing in the juices and improvement the flavor. Chopped Barbecue Beef; tenderly smoked brisket with a combination of natural tomato products and zesty spices are elements of the delectable taste of Sam Hausman Foods chopped barbecue beef. 
Sam Hausman Foods offers a large range of Kettle Cooked Products. Sam Hausman Foods product line sold by distributors nationwide or has their R&D crew custom design a product to fit customer needs.  

Taco Meat; Lean ground beef with flavorful seasoning results in a tasty taco delight. Chili; Chunks of lean meat are cooked and simmered in their own special sauce recipe and the chili is ready to heat and serve. Carne Guisada; Specially selected steak cuts are cubed and slowly cooked in their Mexican style spicy gravy creating a carne guisada that is a zesty, tantalizing dish. Barbecue Sauce Brown sugar, spices, and fresh tomato paste are carefully combined with other special ingredients to create Sam Hausman Foods barbecue sauce.