Sawnee Electric Membership Corp


Sawnee Electric Membership serves the changing needs of members by improving the quality of life through active support of community developments and identifying the member's energy needs. 
In 1950, Sawnee Electric Membership was started in the name of Forsyth County Electric Membership Corporation and then later on officially it was changed to Sawnee Electric Membership Corporation. The name Sawnee was chosen because of the location of the headquarters buildings, which is at the foothills of Sawnee Mountain, a local landmark. Sawnee Electric Membership is the third largest cooperative in the state of Georgia and has more than 100,000 members. 
Sawnee Electric Membership still has a nine member board elected by the members and it still remains a non-for-profit entity. As outlined in Territorial Act of Georgia, Sawnee Electric Membership serves seven counties.
Sawnee Electric Membership strives to have a positive impact in communities through education programs, blood drives, individual employee involvement, and other activities. Sawnee is dedicated in providing member with safe, reliable electric service at reasonable rates. Sawnee also has a Small Commercial Energy Management Center for personalized services. Sawnee evaluate heating and cooling system, lighting, and many other components that will allow making recommendations regarding lower energy usage while maintaining the level of comfort desired. Sawnee provides large commercial and industrial services.
Sawnee EMC is developing 2006 energy service program which is very useful. Sawnee products are Meter Treater Whole House Protection with Oregon scientific weather radio. Sawnee maintains and repairs all items up to the meter. Sawnee has arranged ten locations where one can pay SEMC bill with several options.
Sawnee understands the day-to-day activities of running a successful business are rigorous without having to worry about electricity. Sawnee Electric Membership develops ways of making life easier. Sawnee Electric Membership still has goal to provide dependable, reliable electric energy at competitive prices.