Shawnee Mission Tree & Construction


Shawnee Mission Tree was established in 1956, Shawnee Mission Tree is a third-generation family owned business that has developed to become one of the largest full-service tree, landscape and irrigation companies in the Midwest. The company firstly started as a residential tree service, Shawnee Mission Tree has extended to include a large variety of services for the homeowner, municipalities and builders/developers, with the capability of handling all types of jobs.
Shawnee Mission Tree is committed and dedicated to providing quality service at a reasonable cost in order to start an on going relationship with their customers. The satisfied on staying rationalized with the latest techniques and methods through continual training for all of their employees and using the best equipment to do the job perfect.
Their pruning service will assist customer remove dead, broken, hazardous or diseased limbs; clear limbs over homes, buildings and service lines; improve sight lines or visibility, or to promote the long term health of the tree. They can remove hazardous and dead trees for reasons of safety; trees damaged to the point of being unable to endure. For help support or control weakened or split branches/trunks for a healthy tree.
Stump Grinding; they can remove front or backyard stumps from an area for landscaping purposes reduce the possibility of creature infestations, or to improve a turf area.
Planting; Tree planting is specially used to improvement a landscape, to replace a tree, which has been removed, or to add shade or storm safety 

Plant Health Care; Shawnee use a variety of applications of spray, injections fertilizations or other treatments to reduce insect populations or prevent various diseases (i.e.: oak wilt, Dutch Elm) and help better plant health and tree health through selective pruning. Emergency Storm Response; Shawnee Mission Tree Service is an experienced FEMA contractor with years of experience in handling all aspects of storm damage and cleans up for municipalities, commercial and residential customers.
From last so many years, company has been contracted to work in Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma, to name a few, for various wind, ice and snowstorm emergencies.