Stanion Wholesale Electric Co Inc.


Stanion Wholesale Electric Co. was established in June of 1961 when Bobbe and Jud Stanion purchased an electrical repair and supply business from Charlie Grassman. Charlie Grassman's business was located at 113 West Second in Pratt, KS and is now the studio of Stan Reimer Photography. Jud decided to make the business a true "wholesale" business for a mixed retail and wholesale business. That key decision made, Stanion Wholesale Electric Co. commenced business with four employees: Jud Stanion, Bobbe Stanion, Jean Doris Galliart and Eddy Galliart.

Jud was the inside/counter sales representative. Eddy started out as the first outside sales representative. At their corporate office they handled all the functions like accounts payable, payroll, accounts receivable and pricing were originally handled by Bobbe and Jean Dorris. Their customer deliveries were made with a black 1956 Studebaker sedan with a luggage rack on top.

The company listened to their customers and opened its second branch in Garden City in 1963. This was the way the pattern continued and by the end of 1976 the company had established nine branches in the State of Kansas and the new branches had been established in the smaller cities in Kansas, but in 1980 a branch was established in Wichita and then in Lenexa in 1985. Company having 16 branches in the State of Kansas and 1 in the State of Missouri, Stanion Wholesale Electric Co. covers all of the State of Kansas plus parts of Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, and Nebraska. The company also makes sales to several other locations both inside and outside the U.S.

The company presently has around 220 employees in a diversity of occupations and environments. Company is a member of Affiliated Distributors (AD), NAED, BiCSi, and company is one of the first electrical distributors to become a Green Lights Ally. As part of their status as a Green Lights Ally, company has made a promise to upgrade the lighting in all of their locations in accordance with EPA standards. The E.P.A. GREENLIGHTS partner, Stanion wholesale is actively involved in the effort to conserve energy by offering energy analysis and energy efficient products.

Company provides full-service wholesale electrical distributor serving Kansas and southwest Missouri from 1961.