The Carroll Co


Carroll Company has acquired CELLO Corporation from The Sherwin-Williams Company.  
Carroll Company was actually started in 1921 and has been serving the needs of the sanitary supply trade ever since. Over the years, Carroll has built a strong reputation based on outstanding quality, value and integrity. Carroll is building on the past with unique services, products, and philosophies designed to make selected distributors more competitive and profitable.  

Carroll Co provides with consistency in brand development, marketing and advertising, pricing, training, sales support, and national accounts, providing opportunities to sell into all market segments.  

The Carroll Co manufactures different types of products which includes air fresheners, carpet care, cleaners/degreasers, disinfectants, environmental, floor care, hand cleaners, laundry, restroom care, specialty in metal and furniture polishes vehicle care etc. Happy Malodor Counteractant chemically neutralizes odor causing molecules with no overpowering scent and it can be used on fabrics without staining or residue at proper dilution. Quik draw and bubble buster are used for carpet care which are low foaming, convenient to use steam-type extraction shampoo. Optical brighteners and soil retardants added penetrates and suspends soils for easy removal. Blue color, clean lemon fragrance, Ultrex, Palpon, Ready For Use, etc are used for hand care which contains premium pearlescent, hand soap with skin conditioners. It also contains PCMX for antibacterial activity, excellent thick, rich viscosity; coconut oil based pink pearlescent color, fresh almond fragrance. Hard Surface Cleaners, Hard Dishwash Detergents, Drain Openers and Maintainers Third Sink Sanitizer helps in keeping the kitchen very clean. Economical Detergents, Concentrated Detergents are used for laundary. Restroom Disinfectant Cleaners, Restroom Cleaners, Aerosol Disinfectant Spray and Cleaners, Non-Para Deodorant Blocks are used for restroom care.  

Carroll Co also manufactures MSDS, Techsheets, and photos. Carroll has now launched a new product, Enviro Patrol.  

Carroll Company is the manufacturer and it is dedicated and reshapes its entire operations exclusively for a specific group of customers. It proactively reduces the cost of doing business by taking out inefficiencies in operations, sales, and purchasing.