The Washington Post Co


The Washington Post newspaper was established in 1933 by Eugene Meyer, at a bankruptcy. The company has been dedicated to providing high-quality publications and services, excellent returns to their shareholders, strong support to the communities where they do business, and a good place to work. 
Washington post Newsweek interactive is the online supplementary of The Washington Post Company and the publisher of,, Slate and Budget Travel Online. Washington is an award winning news, information and entertainment resource that attracts rich, educated and powerful decision-makers from across the country and around the world. The site offers the day's Washington Post, continually updated news coverage, breaking stories, extensive original content and industry-leading multimedia, included growing group of cultural, community and commerce services.
The Washington Post Company is a diversified media and education company whose principal operations include newspapers, magazines, broadcasting, cable, interactive, and education. The company has extended into new fields, notably cable television systems and Kaplan's education and career services businesses. The company expanded the scope of their high standards. The take as much satisfaction in the high customer ratings achieved by their cable division as they do in the journalism prizes won by their news organizations.
The company owns The Washington Post, The Gazette Newspapers (Maryland), The Herald (Everett, Washington), Newsweek, television stations in Detroit, Houston, Miami, Orlando, San Antonio and Jacksonville, and cable systems serving subscribers in Midwestern, western and southern states.
The company goals and objective is to produce the best newspapers, magazines, television programs, educational services, and other products and run an outstanding business, measured by the increase in intrinsic shareholder value over time. And do not just a good, but an exceptional place for people to work, and a leader in the hiring and promotion of minorities and women. An important goal of The Washington Post is to be a responsible corporate citizen and there are many ways they contribute to the communities.
The Washington Post Company is committed and dedicated to providing high quality publications and services, excellent returns to their shareholders and strong support to the communities.