Thornton Transportation Inc


Mr. James H. Thornton, founder of Thorntons Inc., the company has committed to bringing value to the customer.  James Thornton started transaction gasoline in 1952 with a single station located in New Albany, Indiana, a neighboring city of Louisville, Kentucky.  The company vision is very high standards and hard work, Mr. Thornton development investment successfully running a chain of gasoline outlets under the payless brand.  

Thorntons Inc. is nationally recognized as one of the leading retail chains in the gasoline and expediency store industry. The headquartered located in Louisville, KY,  the company operates over 150 convenience stores in five states, serving major communities such as Louisville, Chicago, Indianapolis, Evansville, IN, Cincinnati, Columbus  and New Haven, CT. They offer a aggressive salary and settlement package including educational assistance and 401(k).  

Thorntons Fleet Works makes it easy to fuel customer fleet with Thorntons Gasoline. The company will make customer fleet operations more capable and reduce their expenses, while providing customer with all the security, flexibility and convenience whatever they need. Productivity; Detailed Invoice Reports, Driver/Vehicle Reports and Account Summaries reduce customer administrative involvement. Efficiency; Complete information makes it easy to monitor driver spending and make sure vehicles are operating at crest efficiency. Security; PIN (Personal Identification Number) protection. Flexibility; All Fleet Works reports allow customer to identify their fleet activity by driver, vehicle or by department. Convenience; Purchase in store or use pay at the Pump fuel service.  

The company desire to be the best in their industry providing value to their customers by making their lives easier; by providing challenging and rewarding career opportunities for their employees in an enjoyable environment where high performance is expected and rewarded and by maximizing the value of their corporation to the shareholders.  

The company gives an effort to provide high quality, made to order food items for the customers and to maximize the convenience and efficiency of every Corner Grocery trip. Thorntons launched the Sub Works branding effort in combination with their Corner Grocery in 2004. The Sub Works proprietary food program allows customers to order top-quality sandwiches and other food items via a touch screen menu and then to receive orders in three minutes or less.