Van Zelst Inc


Van Zelst Inc. was founded as a landscape design firm in 1979. From many years Van Zelst, Inc. have been designing, installing, and maintaining beautiful landscapes. The companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s headquarters is located in Wadsworth, Illinois.
The creation of a landscape is the blending of art, architecture, nature and personal style. Knowing this Van Zelst, Inc. uses a team approach to landscape design. Each of its experienced and accredited landscape architects work together with staff horticulturists, foresters, engineers and field managers to interpret the client's ideas in a design which creates the desired effect, as well as suits to the existing environment.
Van Zelst Inc. works closely with the firm's construction staff, and takes personal responsibility for each design to make it into reality. Planting, grading, sodding and building are among the procedures which Van ZelstÂâ€Ã¢„¢s skilled workers undertake to create the gardens, patios, pools and landscape illuminations projected by clients and designers. 
As a part of both art and nature, the creations of landscape architecture are dynamic and changing. To enjoy these designs over the time they must be managed and maintained. Van Zelst, Inc. has earned national recognition for its work in landscape management. A professionally directed and scheduled program of appropriate services provides a pro-active approach to landscape maintenance. Van Zelst's experienced personnel carry out the work necessary to foster and enhance the designs as they move through various stages of development. A complete program of services gives shape and direction to the constantly changing landscape, maximizing its beauty and preserving its health.
Imagination is a key component in designing outdoor environments. The landscape architects at Van Zelst, Inc. utilize numerous products including natural stone, concrete paver and retaining wall stone to bring these designs to life. The shapes, patterns, textures and color combinations create the landscape and reflect the beauty.
Landscaping has become a part of daily life at home and work and so the company looks for ways to heighten nature's beauty and expand its livability. This art of landscaping is the foundation of Van Zelst, Inc.