Winnemucca Farms


The company developed into one of Nevada's largest integrated farming operations. US Foods currently cultivates 20,000 acres of fresh produce near Winnemucca. Drawing from a vast, self-replenishing aquifer, 54 deep-water wells supply 92 computer operated pivot irrigation systems that gives optimal developing conditions. They have transformed a plain of sand and sage into a vegetable garden.
An original high-tech aerobic treatment facility removes nitrates and other by products at their modern processing plant and their on site potato processing plant is an all natural operation that uses no preservatives or chemicals that can leave bland aftertastes. This accounts for the superior fresh taste in their products.

The company continues to developed crop, process and markets own potatoes. Winnemucca's location, coupled with modern transportation capabilities, allows them to serve Europe, America, and the Pacific Rim with a promptly and economic delivery system. Nowadays company supply potatoes to the retail, wholesale, ingredient and foodservice markets around the world.

The principle of their enterprise is to offer the highest and good quality, convenience and value for the food products they produce on an all natural basis where possible. The company will optimize their raw material quality and cost at their 20,000 acre farm. The company is dedicated and committed to the well being and growth of their employees. Their customers represent the reason for the existence and devoted to complete their needs for the products they produce.
They are as proud of the safety of the vegetables as they are of their quality. The company started growing produce from 1964 and has never had a food safety problem. They suppose to maintain this record by constantly reviewing their procedures, using the latest technology and verifying the purity of their products through independent third party testing.
The companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s growing list of trademark; Bake Well, Buckaroo Natural Hash Brown Shreds, Cowboy, Cowboy II, Creamy Mash, HIPPO, It's So Good and Good For You, It's Scary!, Krakaw Produce, Monster Mash, Natural Mash, On the Go Food and On the Go Spoon A Food..
The company is dedicated to providing their customers with the highest quality, all natural products possible and supported by their total commitment to their employees who represent the very best and who make it possible to bring new products that make a difference.