York Bridge Concepts

By: Bubbajunk.com

York Bridge Concepts was established in1985 by James York. York Bridge Concepts started operating as Pelican Marine Enterprises, building decks and docks in the Tampa, FL area. YBC transitioned into the Golf Course development market and develop to become a leader in that industry, known for its superior construction of Golf Cart bridges. The York bridge name literally became the same with high quality timber cart bridges. YBC specializes in designing and building Timber Vehicular Bridges of any capacity and purpose throughout North America.   

A company's success and continual development is greatly dependant upon the obsession and discipline of the staff. YBC offers competitive wages and a generous benefit package including, Vacation and Holidays; 100 percent company paid health, dental, vision and life insurance.  

A timber bridge is the opportunity to set customer development apart; to create a signature crossing with a naturally beautiful and strong material. Their bridges are not only a beautiful alternative, but are durable and guaranteed to last all vehicular bridges come with a standard 10 year written structural warranty. The durability and stability of timber is unparalleled; properly treated timber will not crumble like concrete, will not rust like steel and can be used in any environment regardless of climate.  

YBC is a full service construction company, offering everything from initial consultation to construction on customer site. The work directly with the Owner, Developer, Architect or General Contractor to coordinate all aspects of the construction process, guarantee the smooth and on time achievement of customer association.   

York Bridge Concepts is the nation's leading turn-key Timber bridge contractor. They have the expertise and experience to meet any crossing challenge and construct a high quality, long-lasting timber bridge on any site. Through their 20 years of experience constructing thousands of timber bridges, they have created a strange combination of superior materials, construction and craftsmanship methods and time-tested designs to make sure that customer York Bridge will last a lifetime.  

YBC is committed and dedicated to constructing only the highest quality bridges, designed and built with longevity. The company builds each and every timber bridge with a certain attention to detail.  

YBC means that every bridge is built with the right materials and better craftsmanship to make sure the longevity and durability of customer bridge.