A H Beck Foundation Co Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

A.H. Beck Foundation established in 1932, A H Beck literally identified and tapped a new potential that has from become a highly regarded method of deep foundation construction. In the decades that have followed, Beck Foundation Company has continued to remain at the forefront of the industry and is regarded as one of the premier foundation drilling contractors in the southwest and the entire United States. Their mission is to give their customer with high quality drilled shaft construction services, within budget and on time.

Foundation drilling specialists in a broad range of applications like; Commercial / Industrial Structures; Slurry drilling construction; Over Water; Limited Clearance/Access; Highways and Bridges; Large and Small specialty drilling and Tunnel Shaft.

Slurry Drilling Equipment; The array of beck's tailored slurry drilling equipment to provide their customer and clients with the highest quality slurry handling, processing and cleaning systems. High Capacity Portable mud system; the entire system is made up of modular components to convene every project's customized needs. This system has a 500 barrel capacity and can be linked to other storage tanks to increase the volume to the quantity needed for each particular project.  

Vacuum Trailer; Mobility is the key to many projects in this days and time of expanding existing bridges instead of building new ones and restoring existing facilities. Their fleet of vacuum trailers is designed with these mobility concerns in mind.  

Desanders; Modular high volume desanding / desilting units can be configured to maximize production on each individual project. Each modular unit is capable of cleaning 30 percent sand substance drilling fluid down to a ¼ percent in a single pass at a rate of 200 gallons per minute. Cleaning times may vary depending upon particle size and viscosity, but this is still the most efficient system on the market.  

Concrete Pump Truck; their patented self contained pump truck can cut customer concrete placement process by more than 50 percent. It combines a pump truck, a service crane and tremie, in just one piece of equipment to place concrete to depths up to 100 feet, under water or bentonite slurry. It can place concrete on projects with access restrictions.