Alfalfa Elec Coop


Alfalfa Electric Cooperative, Inc. has been committed to providing members in southern Kansas and north central Oklahoma with the best electrical service at the lowest possible price from more than 60 years. A non-profit distribution cooperative, AEC is owned and controlled by their members. The company continue to be committed and dedicated to improvement the quality of life of their member owners in Alfalfa, Grant, Garfield, Major and Woods counties in Oklahoma and Barber and Harper counties in Kansas. The company headquarters are located in Cherokee, Oklahoma. 
Alfalfa Electric Cooperative is a Touchstone Energy Cooperative. It is a national alliance of consumer owned electric and energy utilities providing superior service at affordable rates to all customers, large and small. More than 560 Touchstone Energy Cooperatives across the nation are local, active members of their communities and are dedicated to serving their 15 million businesses, industrial and residential customers with honesty, accountability, modernism and community involvement. 
All cooperative members have equal voting rights and have the opportunity to vote at AEC's district and annual meetings. AEC board represent eight trustees which elected by members to their districts and each trustee serves a three year term. AEC is a voluntary organization open to all persons able to use their services and willing to recognize the responsibilities of membership. The company is a democratic organization controlled by their members who participate in setting policies and making decisions. 

The company provides Account Services; With Alfalfa Electric Cooperative's Online Account Service, customer cans now Sign up for New Service, Update their Account Information, Enter Meter Readings and much more from the convenience of their desktop. Member Services; As a Member/Owner of AEC, customer have access to a large variety of services ranging from free home energy audits to educational opportunities for their family.  

Economic Development; from the moment that they first started turning lights on in southern Kansas and north central Oklahoma, company has been working to build their communities. AEC is still committed and dedicated to Economic Development.  

The companies products are have variety of products and services designed with customer, their members, in mind. From Local Internet Services to Heat Pumps to New Homes, they have put together a quality line of affordably priced products.