Freightmasters Inc.


Freightmasters Inc. was founded in 1975. The cornerstone of Freightmasters Eagan complex is a new 155,000 square foot combination of terminal and warehouse. This facility features fifty-six dock doors, an automated sorting system for sorting and segmentation of freight, an airline container handling system, and Thirty thousand square feet of racked and bulk storage area for short term storage. The facility is monitored round the clock by an ADT Protection Systems and a full Freightmasters security staff. It is ESFR Sprinkler equipped, and includes a hazardous containment accumulation area.
The facility is a full container freight station and is one of the two appointed Central Exam Stations of the U.S. Customs department. The Central Exam Station also features a fumigation chamber that is used to control any bug infestations arriving with in-bound freight. It is one of the few fumigation chambers in the region. Complimenting the main warehouse, Freightmasters has its in-house maintenance facilities in the complex as well and two smaller satellite buildings are used for additional warehousing.
Distribution is one of the largest services offered by the company, providing distribution services to many of the largest retailers in the United States. The company specializes in receiving, sorting, and verifying counts using barcode technology to track each carton into and out of their facility. Expedited Service offers double recovery for same day delivery from all airlines serving the metropolitan area. This unit is primarily dedicated to providing service to the air cargo industry. To accommodate airfreight customers, the company provides two daily sweeps of all air cargo carriersÂâ€Ã¢„¢ facilities. Special delivery service is available any hour of the day, every day of the week.
Freightmasters built a business around the team concept because they know from experience that value-added long-term relationships provide both customers and the company with the best opportunity for the success of the business.