Batterton Waterproofing Inc


Batterton Waterproofing, Inc. was established in 1956. The company is a family owned business started by Lee J. and Marilyn A. Batterton. Currently safety and workmanship combined with the knowledge of grain elevator restoration and maintenance puts them at the highest standard in the industry. The firm has developed from a small one team operation to a company with four to six teams working all across the U.S., into Canada, and at locations in Europe, Puerto Rico and Guadeloupe. Batterton superintendents are at the site every working hour, directly checking and reviewing all facets of the operation, under direct management supervision.  

The company provides services are Explosion Repair, Structural Failure Repair, Deteriorated Concrete, Spalling Repair and Epoxy Injection.  

In Explosion Repair company has wide experience in the repair of grain elevators that have been damaged by explosions. First step to repair is the damaged concrete must be removed so surrounding solid concrete can serve as anchor points for the new gunite wall. Secondly, rebar is secured to existing concrete, and then the area is formed and gunited back to the original state. And then finally, painting and surface finishing restore the elevator to its former condition.  

When a grain elevator has experienced structural exhaustion, the cause is frequently insufficient rebar, incorrect lap spaces of the rebar, low-strength concrete used in the original installation or combination of all three. Batterton crews remove the delaminated concrete from unsound areas, insert rebar and form area using plywood. Batterton Waterproofing are equipped to repair delaminated areas or remove and replace whole roof decks. After repair, a flexible coating needs to be applied to prevent water saturation and further delamination of the concrete roof deck.  

Spalled areas on concrete sidewalls are normally caused by water penetration through movement cracks, causing the rebar to rust, develop and spall the concrete from the existing surface. Once the process has started, additional moisture trapped behind spalled areas goes through a freeze-thaw cycle speeding up the process. Batterton have the ability to repair non-structural cracks by epoxy injection.
With these major services company provides other services like Gunite Bin Liners, Hopper Bottoms, Sandblasting, Crack Repair, and Painting, Steel Painting, Roofing, Mud jacking and Stabilization.