Bennett Motor Express Inc.


Bennett International Group, Inc. is a Georgia Trucking & Freight service for International Shipping & Transportation.

Bennett Motor Express was founded in 1974 by Marcia G. Taylor and her husband J.D. Garrison. This division became the flagship company of The Bennett International Group in McDonough, GA. The company is dedicated to the its pursuit of being a leader in the domestic and international transportation by providing the highest quality service, safety value and integrity. Providing a professional environment to enrich the quality of life for all is fulfilling the responsibility in the communities they serve.

Bennett Motor Express is an international and domestic trucking and freight service provider that is dedicated to providing their customers with experienced owner or operators and committed to 100% on time delivery and complete customer satisfaction. Whether its Heavy Haul, Drop Deck or Flatbed service you require, Bennett Motor Express delivers what you need when you need it and where you need it. The company is dedicated to providing and forever improving the standards of service to the industry resulting in customer satisfaction and increasing business.

The fleet and equipment is always ready for service with their unique network ready to service your over-the-road transportation demands at any time.

The Drop Deck and Haul Away Division is the backbone of the Bennett Motor Express fleet. A specially designed trailer with portable loading ramps allows for transformation from a drop deck into a Haul Away trailer. This enables the company to provide those customers who ship wheeled vehicles as well as those customers who need a drop deck for height and/or oversized shipping requirements. Both shipments use the same trailer offering customers a unique advantage.

The Company is committed to providing customers with the highest quality of service, value and integrity through 100% on-time delivery and complete customer satisfaction.