Blackhawk Foundation Co Inc


Blackhawk Foundation Co., Inc. was established in 1962 in the state of Delaware.  The company has normally performs all the drilling, driving, furnishing and placing of concrete/grout and piling. Blackhawk Foundation Co., Inc. will generally subcontract layout, spoil removal and tieing and placement of reinforcing steel. The company lead time on most of its projects is very short and Blackhawk FoundationÂâ€Ã¢„¢s average job is less than two weeks in duration.  
Blackhawk Foundation Co., Inc. operates in the states of Illinois, Iowa and Indiana and the adjoining areas of Missouri, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Minnesota and Michigan and Kentucky. The company sign agreements in these areas with the local building trade unions as required. All work is bid/priced and coordinated from their location in Geneseo, IL. Union craftsmen are hired locally to accomplish their project work force. Blackhawk Foundation Co. Inc owns all its own equipment and trucks to transport their equipment.
Blackhawk Foundation Co., Inc. was awarded the Association of Drilled Shaft ContractorÂâ€Ã¢„¢s Safety Award for the year 2000. The company employees receive as a minimum 10 hours of OSHA training, American Red Cross First Aid and CPR training, and site specific safety training.   The company provides services are Drilled Piers, Augered Cast-In-Place Piling, Driven Piling, Driven Sheeting and Retention Systems
When the pile is completed to drilling grade, the pile cutoff is obtained by removing fresh grout before initial set has occurred. Caissons are installed by expanding an open shaft excavation through undesirable soil strata, to a desired soil bearing elevation. Caissons are constructed by advancing a power driven auger to the desired elevation. Provisionally casing is used when needed to keep the excavation open through caving soil strata. Piles are constructed by rotating a continuous flight hollow-shaft auger driven by hydraulic power to the depth specified.
There are various systems that can be designed for retention of soil and structures.
Steel piles may be driven to support the design load by using the end bearing soil capacity. These piles are typically installed through the use of a pile hammer or by a vibratory hammer. Steel pipe piles can be installed open ended or closed. Sheet piling is used primarily to retain or support the earth. Sheet piles can be cantilevered or retained by bracing or tieback anchors.