Flood Bros Disposal & Recycling

By: Bubbajunk.com

Flood Brothers is the privately-owned solid waste pickup company with the most respected name in the industry. 
Flood Brothers is operated independently, not owned by a national company; solid waste-garbage, recycling & yard waste firms serving the Chicago Metropolitan area. There are about 15 family members working in all phases of operation. Flood Brothers provide services in more than 80 communities. This company was started 70 years ago and is the only source of revenue that comes in.
Flood Bros Disposal & Recycling provides service in commercial, industrial, office & residential solid waste, recycling and yard waste collection services.
There are certain things that Flood Brothers Disposal and Recycling follows. The first one is service oriented; there is only one-way to do the job, the right way. Flood Brothers drivers are trained to be courteous and do the little things that help develop a long relationship with customers. Second is competitive price; Flood Brothers offer services with much cheaper and affordable rates to the customers.
The Flood Brothers offer numerous services for residential areas including refuse disposal, recycling, and yard waste disposal. In 1988, Flood Brothers founded a new company called C&S Recycling, in response to changing environmental regulations, recycling laws, and local ordinances governing the disposal of solid waste. C&S is the sorting and recycling arm of Flood Brothers. The MRF (Material Recovery Facility) receives, sorts, and processes recyclable materials, cardboard, paper, plastics, glass, and metal delivered by its own collection services. The cardboard, plastics, tin, and aluminum move on to a separate conveyor system to a baler that packages the materials into bales which is sold as raw materials for recycled products. The un-baled newspaper, glass, and steel materials are bundled and sold in bulk to dealers and they sell the materials to manufacturing companies. In all tons of recyclables are sorted and processed each month.
Flood Bros Disposal & Recycling aim is to save the business owner money and recycle 100% of waste stream.