Bulk Transit Corp.

By: Bubbajunk.com

Bulk Transit Corporation started hauling dry bulk freight in 1972. The Company specializes in the transportation of dry bulk commodities and operates from their Ohio headquarters. Since their inception they have added two offices in New York and Texas. Today, their fleet consists of hundreds of tractors and trailers that are hauling food grade commodities, plastics, non-hazardous chemicals, cement, sand, lime, feed, and much more. Bulk Transit focuses all their attention on customer service taking the quality of their services higher than ever with the belief that customers are the only ones that can define quality. So the philosophy is to build long-term partnerships with customers. This is apparent from the fact that the company still retains their first customer 25 years ago.

Bulk Transit's draws its strength from its size and dedication to quality. They are small enough to react quickly to their customer needs and are big enough to have the financial backing that those needs may require. Bulk Transit's has a fleet that is equipped with automatic vehicle tracking (AVT). A Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) that enables them to locate their vehicles at anytime within 300 feet of the actual location. Bulk Transit's fleet consists of 305 Tractors, 523 Trailers, and 285 Drivers and Owner Operated vehicles.

Our goal is to add value to our customers' products with professional, on-time, error free, pick up and delivery. We believe it is not how much quality will cost, but how much it will cost if the quality process is not developed. With that in mind, Bulk Transit strives to continually improve its service by welcoming new ideas from its customers and employees.

Bulk Transit and its associate companies operate out of a host of terminals. But the management team is always vigilant when it comes to quality and dedication. Being an associate does not mean working on your own terms. There are a set of standards that the associate has to maintain. Thus ensuring a standard of quality that is synonymous to Bulk Transport Corp.

This commitment to quality is evident through out the company right from experienced trucking professionals, who prove on a daily basis that being a professional means far more than receiving a paycheck...to great service people who understand that team spirit is the only way to achieve success.