Burroughs-Ross-Colville Co

By: Bubbajunk.com

The Burroughs-Ross-Colville Company has been in the business of turning timber into lumber and various types of wood products. The company currently located at McMinnville, Tn. From last 100 years, their company directed its efforts toward manufacturing wooden spokes and other parts for buggies and wagons. The company is also made wooden spokes for the Ford Motor Company; the spoke business was a thing of the past. The company converted to manufacturing Hickory in the year 1920. The company manufactures Hardwood Lumber; Dimension Products and Hardwood Bark Landscape.
From 1896 The Burroughs-Ross-Colville, Co. has produced the good quality hickory tool handles. The customer may not have heard of them, but their handles can presently be found in products at Sears, Home Depot, LoweÂâ€Ã¢„¢s and numerous other hardware and building supply stores throughout North America and the world. The company products line currently includes hammer, hatchet, sledge, axe and picks handles in a variety of shapes, sizes, grades and finish treatments. Their products continue to be the favorite of professionals who prefer the power and comfort of real wood handles on the job.  
Appalachian hickory, the kind located in Middle Tennessee, has long been distinguished as the ideal wood for tool handles due to its weight, strength, toughness and flexibility. All Burroughs-Ross-Colville Handles are made of this Appalachian hickory, most of it produced at their own sawmill here in McMinnville, Tennessee. This hickory lumber is then dried in their steam kilns to low and uniform moisture content.
The company manufactures their handles in much the same way that they have for over 100 years. Their experienced craftsmen produce each piece separately with uncompromising attention to quality at each step.  On customer request, they can give a variety of finish treatments, including octagon handle, octagon neck, flame treatment, staining, and clear or heavy lacquer finishes. Due to the time engaged in setting up their custom equipment they are able to sell in large quantities only.
Burroughs-Ross-Colville Company manufactures Mop and Broom Handles, Hardwood Bark Mulch, Pallets and Hardwood Lumber