Chapman Corporation was established in 1945 by John W. Chapman. Chapman Corporation, IETD specializes in helping businesses and organizations manage the paper they create. Their award winning quality processes have saved many organizations time and money.
The largest part of Chapman's engineering and construction sales is industrial in nature with a small percentage in the business and institutional marketplaces and their annual sales volume has been averaging $68 million for the last five years. The company employs is about 100 management and office staff with 500 to 600 employees in the field. Chapman's qualified staff includes full-time project managers and known for its strong field management team, Chapman Corporation has constantly managed to meet or top construction schedules while maintaining a superb quality of workmanship and staying within budget. 
Chapman's commitment and dedicated to the advancement of document management technologies started in early 1983 when the company turned to computerized design and development tools to manage their clientsÂâ€Ã¢„¢ repetitive engineering and drafting work processes. The company pioneered the use of Computer-Aided-Drawing (CAD).
The company became a trailblazer in CAD engineering. Building on the systems and technology already in place for CAD/CAM operations, Chapman acquired additional leading edge technology to allow original source documents to be captured and converted into electronic files. Chapman launched the Imaging and Engineering Technology Division, providing conversion services and document management system solutions.
Chapman focuses on the needs of the customer, both short and long-term, and brings together the greatest in hardware, software and personnel to assure those needs. The service gives to their clients include, but are not limited to, electronic records management, off-site record storage and document destruction. Presently, the company continues to show an exceptional and powerful set of document management offerings designed to complete corporate needs.
Chapman can capitalize on wide professional experience. The company continues to be on the cutting edge of installed technology, providing the best document management and conversion services in the industry. The company typically run two production shifts each day with rush requests processed and returned within 24 hours.
Their goal and objective is to provide customers with solutions that assist them do better business. The company offer immediate telephone support and extend assistance whenever needed, specifically suggestions to improve document management capabilities.