Chas A Bernick Inc


BernickÂâ€Ã¢„¢s trusts in supporting the communities in which they operate their business. Additionally to the company's direct support, many of their crew memberÂâ€Ã¢„¢s volunteer their time and talents with schools, civic groups, non-profit organizations, youth groups and local political councils. From their modest beginnings, they have experienced outstanding development. The Bernick Companies reaches a milestone, servicing over 10,000 accounts that serve 1 million people.
The company crew members capably sell and service all customers with solution benefiting all stakeholders. The company Bernick's has developed from a one person operation to over 500 Team Members with a fleet of about 400 vehicles. The Bernick Companies continues as family owned, operated by third, fourth and fifth generations supported by the active participation of Team Members as the key for their success.
The company recognizes that their customers' needs are number 1 priority. The company will be practical in their approach to serving them, working together to expand solutions in a fun and safe environment. The company is committed and dedicated to taking personal ownership of each customer interaction, looking for to provide solutions in a way that is most convenient for them, with a positive. They identify that service quality will set them apart and is an approach that results in a win for both their customers and the Company.
The company will conduct their business with the top level of integrity and will maintain on always treating others with fairness, respect and dignity. They will stay true to their word in everything they do, will be sincere in their conduct and will accept responsibility for demonstrating moral manners. They will struggle for personal and professional superiority by working to provide more than is expected to their customers.
The company will partner with the company in sharing mutual responsibility for personal and professional development as the medium for continuous enhancement. They will hold each other accountable for putting words into action and will take the time to recognize successes, large and small, along the way. The company will honor all creativity and ideas as positive contributions toward future success and will listen carefully and communicate skillfully in search of customer and company objectives. They are committed to spotlight and reward performance that achieves desired results.