Clay Ingels Co Inc


Clay Ingels Co Inc was established in 1920. Evan Ingels and Matt Clay shook hands then shook up a fledgling brick industry in a successful Lexington, Kentucky. The company has developed two locations and become the full service, full-capability provider of choice for quality building materials, including brick and masonry products, windows, doors, and hardware.
The company is third generation family owned business based in Lexington, Kentucky, Clay Ingels. The company has 60,000 square foot window and door warehouse which allows them wonderful flexibility and efficiency in getting materials to customer job site. The unlimited choices in windows and doors, their warehouse capabilities let them keep popular items in regular stock which in turn lets us efficiently process special orders.
A full-scale mill shop millworks provides us with numerous timely options to best meet our customers' needs.
The company has 2000 square foot showroom staffed by trained designers and open to homebuilders, architects, designers and other members of the building trade. Additionally, they collaborate with designers and architects so they can assist to give the right materials on time and on budget. They also have an outside sales staff that covers Fayette and the six spoke counties in Central Kentucky to help the homeowner/contractor with design decisions, and also assist the contractor with building issues, scheduling deliveries and any problems that come up during construction. 
Their extensive showroom offers customer the opportunity to see samples of each brick available and how many of these brick have been used to trim out windows and other details. Clay Ingels has a dedicated and committed design and advice staff to help customer every step of the way.
The company will show customer how to make an entrance with the perfect combination of beauty and design in a door tough enough to weather any kind of weather. Clay Ingels offers nearly limitless choices of designs and styles to improve or differentiate any decor. Clay Ingels offers its unbelievable selections in a large range of heights and sizes to match any room. The also show customer how through an unbelievable range of styles, surfaces, finishes, widths and heights, Clay Ingels interior doors offer a custom, designer look to any home.