Dairyland U S A Corp

By: Bubbajunk.com

Peter Pappas, in a small warehouse, started The VeteransÂâ€Ã¢„¢ Butter and Egg Company and then later his two sons and his son-in-law got together and transformed into Dairyland USA as a specialty food distributor and with years of hard work and focused vision Dairyland USA became the leading purveyors in New York City.
Dairyland USA is one of the leading suppliers to most of the finest restaurants, hotels and caterers in New York City and around the east coast developed Chefs Warehouse to reach out and bring to all gourmands with many of the top quality products sourced by the best chefs. In addition to being the place where the Chefs Shop in 2000 Dairyland merged with another successful bricks and mortar specialty importer/distributor that serviced most of the expensive food retailers.
Bel Canto Foods is very well known in the industry as a direct importer of exclusive specialty products from Italy, France, Spain and many other Mediterranean countries.  Bel Canto is committed to the relentless pursuit of excellence in service and customer relations with quality products. The Chefs Warehouse combines the best products from Dairyland & Bel Canto and provides them directly to customer with family integrity and the experience that no other distributor offers and this makes the Chefs Warehouse a specialty food source.
Dairyland U S A Corp manufacture all types of baking, cheese and dairy, meats and fishes, rice and pasta, gift items, etc. All types of items are perishable and require Express Shipping. Dairyland U S A Corp ships anything to any place well within the timeline committed.
Dairyland U S A Corp values its customers by providing quality food products.