DPI Distribution Plus Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

DPI Distribution Plus Inc has an aim to provide quality packed food with delectable success for manufacturer and retailer alike. DPI Distribution delivers quickly and efficiently to retailers throughout the country. DPI Distribution provides in excess of 43 million cubic feet of warehouse space across the country with appropriate temperature controller. DPI Distribution manages nationwide deliveries using state-of-the-art computerized routing systems and delivery vehicles. As a integral part of the worldwide holdings of the Irish Dairy Board Co-Op Ltd. based in Dublin, Ireland, DPI Distribution is committed in providing the finest adventures in good taste from around the world.
DPI as a company holds over 12,000 different gourmet, organic and ethnic line items. In DPI southwest have Janitorial and Sanitary Equipment and Supplies. DPI southwest provides a broadline of Sanitary and Janitorial products and also has several cleaning products for any application. DPI Distribution provides solutions for all kind of cleaning problems and training programs. The majority of costs is labor-related and has a very simple and effective way to cut down the total cost and for that it reduce the number of tasks, reduce the frequency of tasks, reduce the number of cleaning products, increase the automation and ergonomics, increase the knowledge of work loading, etc. On and off site training is also provided to increase efficiency. This benefits customers because they have access to the experts.
DPI delivers fresh, refrigerated, frozen and dry food products to customers. As a broadline distributor, DPI offers largest selection of disposable serving and storage items available within market region. The program allows in differentiating business successfully in today's highly competitive environment. DPI foodservice operation also provides restaurant equipment and supplies.
DPI offers special services which has added benefits like leading-edge expertise in high quality perishable goods, nationwide distribution network, state-of-the-art technology, in-depth product knowledge, insights into the tastes of local, regional and national markets, insights into the tastes of local, regional and national markets, etc. and addition to that DPI provides marketing, sales, warehousing, distribution and MIS which can accommodate virtually any business to business computer automation conceivable; from electronic order processing to billing and reconciliation.
DPI Distribution Plus Inc offers quantity and quality items to help streamline operation and reduce costs and also offers a comprehensive, imaginative and colorful array of merchandising and promotional programs created for the foodservice industry.