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Dixie Chemical Company was founded in 1946. Dixie Chemical Company is a recognized leader manufacturing and marketing high specialty and a range of complex chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates that are used in the domestic market and also export areas.  

The company manufacturing plant is situated on 45 acres in the Bayport Industrial Area 25 miles southeast of Houston. R&D facilities, quality control labs and a modern pilot plant capable of supporting most unit processes. Dixie is a member of the American Chemical Council (ACC) and the Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association (SOCMA) and has implemented all aspects of the Responsible Care Code. Dixie can assist by giving technical and end use market information for extensive product line. The company allowing the customer in their development process by giving laboratory support and project engineering from kilogram to multi-ton quantities.  

Their world market share is number one, two or three per product. Dixie is experiencing constant product development with a line of 60 plus products, and many of these formulated to their customers needs. Dixie is a Global competitor with sales to 35 countries. Dixie has a proven track record of successful, on-time startups of new contract manufacturing projects, allowing their customers to meet their market launch goals and objective.  

Dixie is a chemical technology driven company and keep on to increase its key areas of expertise Nitrile Chemistry, Epichlorohydrin Chemistry, Diels Alder Reactions, Epoxidation Reaxtions, Maleic Anhydride Chemistry, Multi-Step Synthesis, Hydrogentation, cGMP, Distillation - full range and scale and Optically Active Compounds.  

The company has professional staff works with their customers to find environmentally safe and approved process overflow methods, including on-site recycling and reclamation activities and off-site disposal in the most cost effective way of possible. Dixie chemical is a top manufacturer of performance chemicals and their products are found in many industrial applications.  

Dixie Chemical has created the office of technology to rapidly evaluate projects, get customers rapid feedback and direct R&D activities for new projects. The office is comprised of three senior Ph.D. organic chemists with extensive research and business development experience in the chemical industry.  

Dixie chemical's information and knowledgeable quality guarantee staff make sure that the standards for ISO (International Standard Organization) 9001:2000 and Kosher are met whenever required.