Ensign Bickford Co

By: Bubbajunk.com

Ensign Bickford Industries Inc (EBI) and its subsidiaries have grown to embrace latest and advanced technologies, which rely on manufacturing and engineering skills of the highest order. 
Ensign Bickford Industries continues to lead the industry by advancing the quality and dependability of non-electric blast initiation systems. Ensign Bickford Industries ongoing commitment to research and development and meeting customer needs has resulted in a number of new, innovative products for the mining, construction and quarry industries. 
Ensign Bickford Industries technologies allows to market with next generation products for all focus markets from mining and construction to oil and gas to seismic.
Ensign Bickford Company's Technical Services Department along with its advanced systems sales group is dedicated to provide customers with the highest level of technical field support. Ensign Bickford Industries advanced systems group of engineers combine years of applied field experience with the most sophisticated equipment and techniques available.
Ensign Bickford Industries takes pride to offer a full line of seismic products. These products offer energetic signals in seismic exploration, the first stage in the search for oil and gas. Detonating these energetic sources, it sends out signal waves that help map the underground layers of the earth's crust. The accuracy of this map helps the oil companies to determine where the oil or gas deposits reside. The Ensign Bickford Company offers seismic products such as standard pentolite products designed to be initiated with an electric detonator, a pentolite product that contains colonies of bacteria that are tailored to digest explosive components, A new Geoseis Cut-to-Fit seismic shot initiation system that eliminates electric detonators in down hole applications, conical boosters that have been used in surface shooting applications. For mining, quarrying & construction, Trojan boosters provide an array of reliable products designed to meet most blasting applications from surface and underground mining to quarry and construction blasting.
Ensign Bickford Co provide some employee facility such as health insurance, dental insurance, dental insurance, retirement/pension plan, incentive savings/401(k) plan, wellness program, employee assistance program, recreation, etc.
Customer Service is a high priority at Ensign Bickford Company and there would be always someone to take calls of the customer to support whether to place an order, ask a specific product or application question, or simply find out what products Ensign Bickford offers.