F D Jacobi Sodding Service Inc

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F. D. Jacobi Sodding Service Inc was incorporated in 1973 which specializes in areas of seeding, sodding, and landscaping. F. D. Jacobi Sodding Service Inc also specializes in erosion control, wetland restoration, prairie restoration, and bioengineering services.
F. D. Jacobi Sodding Service is a grower and supplier of Kentucky bluegrass and Fescue sod to golf courses, landscapers, and other trades. F. D. Jacobi Sodding Service specialty is heavy highway and commercial work including airports, mine reclamations, power plants, and municipalities to name few. Geographically, F. D. Jacobi Sodding covers the lower two-thirds of Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Illinois. F. D. Jacobi Sodding is pre-qualified with the departments of transportation in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio
F. D. Jacobi Sodding was involved in various prestigious projects like Toyota Plant, Princeton, Indiana AK Steel, Rockport, Indiana Louisville International Airport,  Louisville, Kentucky Greater Cincinnati International Airport, Cincinnati, Plainfield, Indiana Louisville CardinalÂâ€Ã¢„¢s Papa John Stadium, Multiple projects for the Metropolitan Sanitary District.
One way to determine if the sod is drying out is to step lightly on the turf and if the footprint remains on the grass for more than a short interval, then the sod needs to be watered. After about 10 days, decrease the frequency of watering and increase the length of the water application and this promotes a deeper-rooted turf, which can sustain periods of drought with less long-term damage than shallower root systems. Different soil types have a great deal of input determining how often to water.
A new sod lawn is usually in need of a mowing after 10 days to 2 weeks. At that time, make sure the lawn is not too wet to avoid rutting with the mower. The general rule is not to remove more than 1/3 of the leaf surface at one mowing. Bluegrass should be mowed not lower than at a height of 2". It is best not to collect the clippings after mowing. Leaving the short clippings on the lawn allows the nutrients from the leaves of the grass to return to the soil. If there is excessive amount of clippings, then it has to be removed and then mow the lawn on a regular basis to avoid same kind of problem in the future
F.D. Jacobi Sodding Service Inc provided customer with quality services and has developed as a major sodding service provider.