Federal Fruit & Produce Co Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

Federal Fruit Incorporated came into being in 1935 and operates as one of the many small fruit and produce distributors in the bustling Denargo Market area. In 1945 Joseph Naimen acquired the assets of Federal Fruit Incorporated and commenced operations on January 5, 1946 as Federal Fruit and Produce. The company has continued its impressive record of growth and profitability, ultimately culminating in the construction of a new facility on August 1997.
Federal Fruit and Produce (Federal) is a Colorado corporation has two divisions, one located in Denver and the other in Colorado Springs. The Denver division is totally into wholesale distribution of produce and is the largest produce wholesaler in the State. Federal customers include the area's large grocery chain stores, smaller specialty grocery stores, local foodservice distributors, national food service distributors, school districts and universities, large restaurant chains, and small mom and pop type restaurants. The Denver division currently has a workforce of approximately 80 people and has sales approximating $30 million annually. Federal Fruit and Produce has its own fleet of over 40 refrigerated vehichles, which includes tractor trailers as well as straight trucks.
In Colorado Springs, Federal has 24,000 square foot facility providing advanced refrigeration systems along with several features necessary for foodservice business, for fresh and frozen meats.
Federal offers the finest in canned and dry goods, cheese, fresh and frozen meat, fresh produce, frozen seafood, frozen and assorted other nonfood items also. For eggs retail demand remains good overall and ranges fair to very good, larger sizes are well balanced and mediums vary from available to closely balance. For chicken the overall theme of the complex remains soft given the current set of conditions found throughout the marketplace and buyers express caution in their purchase as they wait to see how demand develops before committing.
Federal Fruit Incorporated is dedicated to bringing the finest fruit and vegetable products available.