Fitzpatrick Container Co Inc


Fitzpatrick Container is one of the leading manufacturers of corrugatedshipping containers. Fitzpatrick Container makes custom corrugated boxes to fit any customer's needs and make corrugated displays to fit virtually any product out on the market.  

In 1927, John Fitzpatrick founded what he thought was a box making company and what he discovered, however, was that he had really founded a service business where quality, response time, attention to detail, and problem solving shaped each customer relationship. Every generation of Fitzpatrick has continued tradition of providing the highest level of customer satisfaction and as the family moves the business into the 21st century, they continue to make the company a model of efficiency, productivity, flexibility and quality and not only does Fitzpatrick provide customers the capabilities of a top notch sheet plant, but also they react in record time because of their ownership in a corrugated plant.  

The most competent providers of corrugated containers to a broad range of industries including that industrial, food producers, retail manufacturing, computers, pharmaceutical and marketing.  

A complete line of corrugated products is wide range of corrugated shippers, die cut containers with all sizes, styles, and quantities. Complete line of government specification cartons contains point-of-purchase displays, triple-wall sheets and customized cartons, corrugated and chipboard inserts, and corrugated pads and corrugated partitions. Every piece of equipment in 85,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space is designed to offer the best quality, highest graphics, greatest efficiency, and quickest turnaround time. Fitzpatrick Container uses reality with advanced CAD system, top gun inventory control system assures that nothing gets lost in the queue, two-color Langston-Saturn IV with inline die cutting speeds up the production process, two-color 24" Mini-Flexo Printer Folder/Gluer helps to meet a greater range of needs, the Bobst 1575 EEG Die cutter provides 0 tolerance levels. Corrugated containers are 100% recycleable.  

Fitzpatrick Container Inc will continually enhance its capabilities with professionals having the knowledge, skills, and the technology to deliver as per requirement.