Fleetmaster Express, Inc.

By: Bubbajunk.com

Fleetmaster Express, Inc. was incorporated in November of 1987, in Roanoke, VA. To primarily transport temperature controlled freight such as bananas and other products. Since the 1980Ââ€Ã¢„¢s deregulation of the trucking industry, many state and federal agencies have filled the void of the once powerful Interstate Commerce Commission.  The primary concerns of these agencies were related to safety and with the ever-increasing pressure on transporters concerning hours of service rules, Fleetmaster decided to radically change its method and scope of operations in 1991.
All temperature controlled freight was abandoned, primarily due to pressure on the trucker to disregard service rules, and dry freight such as beer, soft drinks, tires, rubber, cans, bottles, and paper were pursued as a desirable business. The area of travel was reduced from nationwide to regional service that was kept within a 400 air mile radius, to help heighten safety performance and improve customer and driver satisfaction.  The change created opportunities with several Fortune 500 companies and growth has continued. Today the company operates over 550 pieces of equipment from five terminals located in Roanoke, VA., Eden, NC., Danville, VA., Chesapeake, VA., and Albany, GA.
Fleetmaster following specialized services; Common and Contract Authority, Continuous Movement, Freight Brokerage/Transportation Logistics, Common authority allows the company to ship goods under tariff rates that are on file with governing institutions while contract authority enables Fleetmaster to make and agree on rates by simply documenting an agreement between the shipper and the carrier. To improve efficiency the company has presented shippers with alternatives when shipping to destinations where another producing site of the shipper may have additional freight to tender to the company.  Nearly a decade ago the management of Fleetmaster recognized the upcoming popularity of freight brokering and its enhancement to customer satisfaction. The concept relies heavily upon a method of organization and communication of supplies and services called logistics. In the transportation industry this involves all elements of distribution management, warehouse management/inventory control, freight audit, distribution analysis, intermodal and domestic transportation, etc.
At Fleetmaster Express the focus is always on serving the customer to the best of the companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s ability. With the kind of dedicated staff and an ever increasing customer base the company is set to take giant strides towards becoming a world leader in the transportation industry.