Flynn Brothers Contracting Inc


Since 1973, Flynn Brothers Contracting has been providing high quality asphalt paving and construction services for the central part of Kentucky and southern region of Indiana. 
Flynn Brothers Contracting believes in commitment to project, professionalism, doing things right the first time. Flynn Brothers Contracting has the experience, professionalism and leadership to ensure that asphalt paving, site work, or concrete construction project is completed to exceed specifications.
Flynn Brothers Contracting has expanded to include asphalt material sales and site preparation and construction and in fact, since the early days Flynn Brothers Contracting has grown to become a regional leader in asphalt paving and site construction. Flynn Brothers Contracting is currently the largest site contractor in metro Louisville, Kentucky with more than 200 employees.
Over the past twenty-five years, Flynn Brothers Contracting has offered asphalt paving, site work and concrete construction on projects both large and small; from driveways to parking lots of major shopping centers and interstate highways. Flynn Brothers Contracting goes out of way to meet the needs of customers on every job. Flynn Brothers Contracting quest for a higher level of customer satisfaction is just one of the reasons Flynn Brothers Contracting is called upon for some of the most difficult and demanding projects in the region.
Flynn Brothers Contracting Inc offers services such as Asphalt Paving; stone base, public and private, Site Work; engineering, earthwork, new construction, utility construction, private and public, concrete paving and asphalt material sales. Flynn Brothers Contracting is centrally located in Louisville, one of the highest asphalt production rates in the region and state of the art laboratory ensures quality.
Flynn Brothers Contracting is an equal opportunity employer. Equal and fair treatment is provided to all employees and job applicants regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, or handicap. Employees of Flynn Brothers Contracting enjoy competitive wages, 401k/retirement plans, health insurance plans, dental plans, life insurance, and disability insurance and also with product training, basic surveying and layout, beginning plan reading and takeoff, advanced plan reading, intro to personal computer, materials and compaction, concrete basics, personal finance.
Flynn Brothers Contracting continues to build upon success by maintaining the same dedication and never give up attitude that has helped it to become one of the most sought after firms to handle the most demanding projects.