Formica Corps


Formica Corps since its inception in 1912 has become a global company with more than 100 years of experience designing and manufacturing all types of surfacing materials. The need to develop a better product has been at the core of powerful, new electrical equipment of the industrial age demanded tougher, lighter, less costly insulators. 
Formica Corporation is an environmentally responsible company that has active programs under way in all areas of environmental management. This information summarizes the efforts of Formica Corporation in the areas of raw material management, solid waste management, and air pollution control. In North America, the laminate manufacturing process is carried out in three Formica Corporation plants; Evendale, Ohio; Sierra, California; and Saint Jean, Quebec.
The history of laminating goes as a young engineer had an idea that was pretty straightforward: take fabric, coat it with resin while it winds on a spindle into the shape of a tube, slit the tube lengthwise, unroll it, press it flat and then cure it. The result was a laminated plastic material that was tough, light and an excellent electrical insulator. It was easy to see the commercial potential of this new material.
The material which was commonly used in those days for electrical insulation was mica. The new product was a substitute for mica, so thatÂâ€Ã¢„¢s what Faber named their new company.
Formica Corp specialty laminates such as Chemtop2 special surfaces and programs for various residential, commercial and industrial applications such as decorative wall panel system which combines the proven performance of Formica brand decorative melamine surface technology with the strength of fiberglass reinforced plastic panels. Access Flooring Tile from Formica Corporation is specially designed for access flooring systems where good appearance, durability and resistance to stain, indentation, and abrasion are required. It complies with requirements for low static generation and retention and assures ease of maintenance.
There are thousands of variations on the basic process. Formica Corporation makes decorative laminate in thousands of combinations of grade, color, pattern, finish, texture and size and each combination means a variation in one or more parts of the process.
Formica Corporation is the global leader in surfacing materials. Formica CorporationÂâ€Ã¢„¢s unique history, commitment to design, technology and the environment, makes it leader in laminating industry.