Jones Motor Co Inc.


Jones motor Co began operation in 1894 as John Jones Drayage Co. under the ownership of John Jones, hauling freight such as glass, stone, milk, ice & potbelly stoves. In 1912 they purchased their first truck, establishing the first motor truck service to Philadelphia, PA and expanded the business to include general hauling & motor freight. The Jones Motor Group comprises of five divisions each with its own unique defined function.As an owner-operator, agent or fleet owner, they are very confident that one or more of their divisions will meet your transportation needs.  

At the Jones Motor Group the staff is proud of the quality service they can provide to customers. They welcome comments, both positive and negative, about experiences with the organization. Jones Motor Logistics Inc. is a financially sound, nationwide, all agent organization operating successfully for over 110 years. The company is a full service logistics provider with an unequaled reputation in the transportation industry.

As a Contractor or Fleet Owner leased to the Jones Motor Group, you join hands with the rest of the fleet and benefit from lower prices made possible by the group's size. Many of the items you buy now to run your business can be purchased at a group discount. The Contractor's Winner's Circle is an active, constantly changing program. Contractors and Fleet Owners call the General Office with their ideas for additions to the program, as well as with names of contacts and dealers who treated them well. The Winner's Circle staff follows up on their various ideas, continuously striving to develop deals and business relationships, which will benefit members of the Jones Motor Group.

Jones Motor Group understands the need for accessorial equipment for various loads. Through the Contractor's Winner's Circle they can offer the needed equipment at discounted prices. They have various vendors across the US providing tarps, chains, binders, ramps, and much more.

As a Contractor leased to one of the Jones Motor Group companies, just call the General Office and ask to speak to the Winner's Circle Coordinator. The coordinator does the rest for you.