Industrial Ventilation Inc


Industrial Ventilation Inc is the leader in agricultural ventilation systems and specialist in every stage of development and installation. Industrial Ventilation anticipates changes in agricultural storage and develops systems that meet those needs for today and tomorrow and does it with quality at every step.  

Industrial Ventilation corporate office is located in Nampa, Idaho and branches is located all over in Idaho; Idaho Falls, Pasco, Klamath Falls, Greeley, and Othello Center.  

Industrial Ventilation extends crop protection with a patented sprout inhibiting treatment process. Industrial Ventilation is one of the largest providers of sprout inhibiting treatments and its exclusive process has proven itself with some of the largest potato storage operations in the world. Industrial Ventilation also now has Ozone Control for vegetable storage, used on potatoes, onions, carrots and sweet potatoes.  

Industrial Ventilation quality is guaranteed and each Industrial Ventilation product carries an individual warranty. Industrial Ventilation system components undergo rigorous testing in Research Center before being released for use in storage facility. Industrial Ventilation builds confidence into systems and assures that crops are protected by the highest quality and most efficient climate control system available.  

Industrial Ventilation develops storage and climate control systems for the largest food producers in the United States and around the world. The Industrial Ventilation Production Center houses product development, inventory and manufacturing divisions. Industrial Ventilation available systems for the largest food producers such as Daylight Blocker, Humidicells, Humidifiers, PC Panel, Prop Fans, and Thermadoors.  

In addition to sophisticated food storage facilities, Industrial Ventilation climate control systems are adaptable for commercial structures and facilities in textiles, paper products, and wood working industries.  

Industrial Ventilation quality is guaranteed and each product carries an individual warranty and is backed by Industrial Ventilation commitment to customer satisfaction.