International Chimney Corp


International Chimney Corporation was established in 1926. International Chimney Corporation specializes in the design, construction and repair of tall masonry and steel structures. ICC is the largest independently owned company of its kind in the U.S. the companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s corporate offices is located in Williamsville, NY with satellite offices and warehouses in Chicago, IL, Dayville, CT, Northampton, MA, Cleveland, OH, and Mobile, AL. 
International Chimney Corporation offers a complete range of services to its clients including engineering, design, consulting, project management, inspections, repairs, construction, and demolition. The company is an industry leader in safety, management programs, and innovative services.
The company using specialized tools and techniques developed and they constantly deliver a superior result, on-time and on-budget. Their teams of master masons and craftsmen are specialists in all parts of chimney construction. ICC is one a very few firms nationwide with the necessary blend of engineering, project management and highly skilled craftsmen required for the successful restoration of significant materials.  
The company offers their special Hot Camera System. This system allows internal inspections to be complete while the unit is on-line and remote camera is also perfect where damage is such that lowering a man is dangerous. ICC offers a tower division which provides a large variety of services to non-industrial customers. These services include the inspection, repair and new construction of steeples and similar structures.

The company has one of the best solutions is antenna installations on existing structures including towers, water towers, chimneys and steeples. The company has been looking at the skyline from last 75 years; it has built 100 of chimneys, inspected and repaired thousands and has been designing and installing important access platforms on chimneys and other structures for decades. The company standards engineered designs are completely suitable for the needs of the wireless communication industry.
ICC is a tightly integrated engineering, project management and construction firm with all the in-house resources needed to accomplish difficult projects within customer demanding parameters. Their commitment to engineering and management excellence sees its ultimate realization in the quality of their finished product.