K Mart Corp.

By: Bubbajunk.com

K Mart Corp has its history beginning more than a century ago. Sebastian Spering Kresge opened a modest five-and-dime store in downtown Detroit and changed the entire concept of retailing forever. The store that Kresge built has evolved into an empire of more than 1,500 stores and an Internet presence that reaches out to millions of customers. The Kmart name has become a symbol of America representing quality products at down to earth prices.

When Kresge opened his first store in 1899 everything he sold cost 5 and 10 cents. The low prices appealed to shoppers and allowed him to expand to 85 stores by 1912, with annual sales exceeding10 million dollars.

Kmart is surging ahead with the kind of determination that would have made the founder proud. The Company employs more than 133,000 associates which is a far cry from the 18 that the company first employed at Kresge's five-and dime. The company has a good business plan, a strong core portfolio of stores, customer loyalty that been earned through dedication and hard work over many years and not to forget the will to succeed. As Kmart continues to operate stores across the country, customers can be assured that their communities will always have a broad selection of top-quality products at exceptional values.

As one of the nation's leading retailers, Kmart is eyeing top talent as they continue to build America's greatest shopping icon. The company intends to develop a world class associate base who can help create the most exhilarating shopping experience found anywhere in the world. With a manageable profit producing store portfolio, Kmart's earnings and stock price have reached historic levels.