Autumn Transport Inc


Autumn Grain and Transport was founded in Lake Elmo, Minnesota in April of 1980 with a thirteen hole Timpte grain hopper and a special vision of the future. By the end of the first year, seven more hoppers had been added and Autumn Transport established itself as a company who understood that transporting agricultural products was, above all else, a service. This concept was so important in those early days that it became a way of thinking and it drove nearly all decisions in this remarkable success story. 

As more trailers were added, the service philosophy that drove so many early decisions led naturally to the formation of a dispatch department early in 1981. Orderly scheduling and dispatch control are at the heart of any transport company and Autumn is no exception. The personnel that were added for this important function brought years of valuable dispatch experience to Autumn and laid the foundation for what was to come.
Their first step in achieving this goal is to recruit drivers who meet their specific company hiring standards and then train them accordingly to the type of trailer that they will pull. The dispatch teams at Autumn Transport are seasoned veterans in this industry and work with their drivers and the Safety Department to stay in compliance with the regulations. The Safety Department always has an open door and is available to provide additional driver training, knowledge and sometimes just a listening ear.
At Autumn Transport, safety is achieved through team work and the ability to work together towards a common goal. Safety is not one person nor one department, but rather the responsibility of everyone. It is everyone working together that makes their goal possible and their organization successful.
Ultimately the company mission is to provide the best service available to their customers and an above average opportunity for their owner operators.