Fairbanks Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

In 1830 Thaddeus Fairbanks invented the platform scale and founded the company that still bears his name i.e. Fairbanks Inc. Fairbanks Scales has been meeting the world's weighing needs by providing their customers with the best quality products and reliable service available. For 175 years Fairbanks has provided top quality industrial weighing equipment and dependable service through a network of Fairbanks sales and service representatives and authorized distributors.

Fairbanks continues to break new ground in scale design, setting the new standard in weighing equipment and systems engineering while meeting the special needs of our customers. Fairbanks Scales has survived civil war, world wars, natural disasters, economic collapse, and various mergers and ownership transitions to become one of the oldest manufacturing companies in the United States. As one of the nation's oldest industrial manufacturing companies, Fairbanks Scales has consistently maintained a solid reputation of providing top quality products and service since 1830.  

Fairbanks is more than just scales. It's the over 250 certified service technicians representing over 2700 years of combined experience, factory-trained and equipped with the latest diagnostic and repair tools. It's a network of dedicated service personnel and the trucks and equipment that delivers a reputation for service that could only be expected from Fairbanks.  
Fairbanks has a long legacy of innovation throughout its 176 year history. The company's founder Thaddeus Fairbanks created the platform scale in 1830 setting the company apart as a leader in the weighing industry. Since then there have been countless inventions, improvements and patents on Fairbanks' weighing instruments.  

Ethically treating their employees, customers, and suppliers, and expecting the same in return from them, they value their customers, employees, and suppliers, they are devoted to providing only quality products and service, they value accountability and integrity and they believe in empowering all their employees.  

The mission of the company is to provide worldwide advice and solutions for accurate and reliable weighing.