AAA Moving & Storage Inc


AAA Moving & Storage is Alaska's largest moving and storage company.
AAA Moving & Storage Inc was started in 1983 in Anchorage, Alaska. AAA operates a fleet of over 100 pieces of equipment and manages over 100,000 square ft of warehouses throughout the system.
AAA Moving & Storage Inc offers three types of moving like local, interstate, international services. AAA uses computerized estimates and inventories for services. Paper pads usually come with only two-ply, but AAA paper pads of four-ply and it meets rigorous standards for safe packaging for local moving. AAA has signed agreements with other agent and carriers to move products Interstate. AAA established its own International Division in 1995 and manages to handle all shipments traveling in the international market and this allows controlled moves throughout the world in the same manner and with the same thoroughness.
AAA Moving & Storage provides many storage solutions for any size job. AAA provides three types of storage facilities; Archive, Bulk and Heated & Secured storage. In Archive Storage it collect records, assist with indexing and cataloguing, retention schedules and overall management of records. Bulk Storage is primarily for office buildings or hotels that are looking to store extra equipment, new or replacement furniture offsite. It provides heated and secured storage for residential and office needs. AAA can store furniture, appliances or even office or household goods in 190' cubic wood crates, in one of heated and secure warehouses. Additionally, AAA offers a wide variety of other specialized services. Moving equipment is well equipped with a wide range of tools and equipment that makes moving safer and prevents damage. Moving materials have a large inventory of new and used packing materials to containerize virtually any household or office goods. Protection plus & Bubble Wrap is a plastic shrink wrap designed specially for the protection of articles of furniture, such as couches, love seats, recliners and sectionals and protects the surface of items by completely covering the items in layers of plastic and air.
AAA Moving & Storage Inc provides full service with different storage patterns as per customer needs.