Aljoma Lumber Inc


Aljoma Lumber Inc was started in 1976 as a diversified wood products wholesaler, importer and exporter. Aljoma Lumber have maintained a steady rate of growth and established a positive reputation as one of the industry leaders.
Aljoma Lumber customers are home centers, wholesale distributors and manufacturers. Aljoma Lumber ships directly from yard in Medley via truck or rail-car to destinations all over the United States and Canada. Aljoma Lumber also carries plywood inventories in strategic locations across the country. Aljoma Lumber export department covers the Caribbean and Central America, shipping from the ports of Miami, FL and Mobile, AL or directly from South America, Honduras and China.
Substantial inventories are available in our yard or can be skillfully arranged from our extensive network of suppliers to be delivered in a timely manner. Long-term relationships with many of the best domestic and overseas mills, combined with our purchasing power, usually translate into tangible benefits and savings to our customers.
Aljoma Lumber Inc as a member of the International Wood Products Association has a clear environmental policy based on two founding principles; forest functions and products including woods, contribute to human well being worldwide. Aljoma Lumber believes that the US timber industry has a responsibility to its customer, suppliers and staff to base its commercial activities on properly managed forests.
Aljoma Lumber is committed to sustainable forest management. It promotes efforts to achieve the fastest practicable progress towards environmentally sound permanent forest management worldwide, supports responsible national and international efforts which focus attention on the various threats to the world's productive forests, encourages the use of wood as an environmentally acceptable and renewable material and is constantly seeking beneficial ways to reduce wood waste and to utilize residues. Aljoma Lumber subscribes to the evolution of more efficient use of the forest resources and the wood derived from them. In this respect it supports concepts of using a wider variety of species when silviculturally and ecologically appropriate and making greater economic and practical use of raw material including residues and waste.
Aljoma Lumber gives preference to suppliers of all wood products from sources providing information on good silviculture and logging practices and which are operating within the forestry laws of the country concerned.