Daigle Oil Co.

By: Bubbajunk.com

Daigle Oil Company, the customer service is their number one priority. Daigle Oil Company, take great pride in helping their customers save money, guaranteeing kindness and comfort to their families and providing them with cheerful home heating and convenient driving services. The company sincerely hopes customer will consider joining their developing list of satisfied customers, and they assure to take such good care of customer, that possibly customer will also desire to be a Daigle Oil Customer for many years to come.
The company will produce and add value, while maintaining responsibility to its' stakeholders, which include but are not limited to owners, employees, customers, suppliers and community. Daigle Oil Company will give the best service and products at a reasonable price, delivered by the highest and good quality employees, with clean and resourceful facilities.
Daigle Oil Company experience so powerfully about giving customer great service and reasonable prices that they are willing to put it in writing so their customers can hold them responsible. Daigle Oil customer, customer has the right to let them know if the company ever let customer down in any manner. These DOC plans have been tested & proven from 1990. The company asks in return is that customer don't ever leave them without first exercising this right. Daigle Oil Company is dedicated to give a customer highest quality and 100 percent satisfaction.
Chicago, IL - May 1999 - The Radiant Panel Association is happy to announce that the Richards Residence project by Daigle Oil Company was selected for the Top Honors Award in the Residential under 5,000 sq. ft. category. On May 14, 1999, Daigle Oil Co. was presented a trophy for their success and privileged at an awards banquet held during the 1999 RPA Conference held in Chicago, IL. The Top Honors Award winners were chosen from an international field of award winning radiant floor heat installations.