Brown Wood Preserving Co Inc


Since 1929, Brown Wood Preserving Company has been in the business of manufacturing pressure treated wood utility poles. Brown Wood offers an array of products and services to the utility, telecom, and industrial markets.
Brown Wood has three plants located in Alabama and they serve customers throughout United States with 24-hour emergency service. Brown Wood provides quality inspections after every phase of the production process.
Wood is the ideal material for utility poles. It is a renewable resource, which is resilient and extremely resistant to oxidation, corrosion, crumbling, and spalling. Wood is easily and cost-effectively protected against the biological degraders that cause it to weaken and collapse in nature, namely fungi and termites. Brown Wood provides choice of wood preservative treatments like as Penta, CCA and ET. Poles treated with pentachlorophenol are the most common utility poles, accounting for almost 50% of the market. Pentachlorophenol is a pesticide, which acts against wood-destroying fungi and insects. Pentachlorophenol also provides protection against a variety of insects such as termites and powder post beetles. Pentachlorophenol is carried into the pole in an oil solution.
Wolman Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA), like the other treatments Brown offers, gives utility poles durability by rendering the wood fiber useless as a food source for fungi and termites. CCA offers service lives many times that of untreated poles, Wolman CCA poles also offer a number of features which make them the utility pole of choice by many purchasers. Wolman CCA poles are highly leach resistant, odor free and friendly to the environment. The Wolman preservative used in CCA poles is an oxide formulation rather than a salt, they offer low conductivity and low corosivity. Plus, full-scale testing has shown that the Wolman CCA treatment does not significatly alter the phsical properties, such as bending strength, which make wood a superior material for utility poles. The use of bucket trucks has reduced the need to climb poles, gaff penetration continuies to be a concern for some users and Brown Wood offers the patented ET (Emulsion Treated) pole, which combines the longevity and cleanliness of CCA poles with climbability as good as or better than poles treated with oil-borne preservative.
Brown Wood Preserving Co Inc provides a multi-point quality control program and believes in quality and service.