City Concrete Inc


City Concrete Inc traces its origins to Wichita Falls, Texas, circa in 1946. City Concrete Inc is a ready mix concrete and building material supplier based in Wichita Falls, Texas.
The decision are made from production, to sales, to equipment purchase, to quality control is based on ability to provide the absolute best service in any market in which City Concrete occupies. City Concrete greatest asset is its employees.
City Concrete Inc sold the smaller and mostly unprofitable satellite operations and retained the Wichita Falls plants. In 1972, T.C. Foley sold Plant no. 2, on the north side of Wichita Falls. From this sale, the OK Concrete Company was founded. City Concrete moved from the old C.C. Pitts location to a new location with easy access to all of the major arteries in town and continued the operations there today.
City Concrete ready mix division operates plants in Wichita Falls, Iowa Park, and Rhome Texas. City Concrete trade areas include the greater Wichita Falls area and the northwest portion of the Dallas/Fort worth Metroplex. City Concrete operates only late-model equipment in its fleet that is maintained in central maintenance facility in Wichita Falls in order to provide splendid service to all projects that are supplied. All of the plants are computer controlled for consistency. 
City Concrete have designed and produced all types of concrete products from flowable fill to Latex modified high early strength concrete in extreme conditions for a wide range of customers and owners. City Concrete has the experience to meet the most specifications from residential construction to industrial construction.
City Concrete Heavy Civil Portable Division consists of portable concrete plants with the production capacities from 75 cubic yards per hour transit mix to 475 cubic yards per hour central mix. Plants have the capacity and equipment to produce concrete in extreme temperatures and conditions as well as produce cement treated base (CTB), roller compacted concrete (RCC), and other specialty mixes.
City Concrete quality control laboratory technicians are thorough with all of the materials that are used in mix designs and constantly check samples from each plant and keep the plants informed about the material that is being produced. City Concrete managers, maintain ACI field testing certifications. The laboratory personnel stay current with all industry specifications and associations. This dedication to quality is what allows City Concrete to produce quality concrete products for any application, anytime, anywhere.