Diamond Chemical Co Inc.

By: Bubbajunk.com

Diamond Chemical, is a national manufacturer of ware wash, laundry, floor care, housekeeping and industrial products. Diamond Chemical Co., Inc. corporate headquarters is located in East Rutherford, N.J.  Diamond's facility is situated on 12 acres and contains a 150,000 square foot complex. This complex houses corporate offices, manufacturing, warehousing and laboratories. The companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s other locations include New York, Michigan and California with additional warehousing in Georgia, Florida and Illinois.

The company has over 69 years of technical experience; Diamond is ready to handle all of customer chemical requirements. Diamond Chemical is a name customer can belief and count on, superb products, constant time after time, the perfect packaging, clean and neat, complete programs, including in-field service technical service via in detail laboratory support and viable pricing. The company delivers the best products, packaging and cost with unmatched service, so customer receives better product value. Diamond's 10,000 square feet, modern laboratory allows them to make sure constant and high quality products for their customers.

The company provides a full complement of highly qualified chemists for customer with the most advanced and modern products. These chemists utilize the most modern equipment including a complete textile laboratory with launderometers, commercial washers, infrared spectrophotometers, gas chromatographs and atomic absorption spectrophotometers just to name a few. The company staff will assist customer with unique product requirements and expert analysis or environmental concerns.

Diamond's complete customer service program doesn't stop to taking customer order. The company makes sure customer order is properly manufactured and packaged.  If any custom work is needed, such as special formula needs, particular labeling requirements or extraordinary delivery times, attention is given to those details.

Their internal art departments will custom design any packaging specifications and their technical field representatives will educate customer staff on their product line with seminars and demonstrations.  Diamond's national warehousing network and fleet of company owned trucks would deliver customer order courteously and on time. 

The Diamond ALIS (Automatic Liquid Injection System) is the most inclusive and perfect central chemical supply system available today.  ALIS is designed to efficiently and accurately service up to 12 washers with the potential of 12 chemicals. The Diamond ALIS system utilizes advanced and propriety metering hardware and software.