Dura-Stress Inc.

By: Bubbajunk.com

Dura-Stress was established in 1949, Dura-Stress has played a major role in building Florida's Infrastructure with precast/prestressed concrete solutions for transportation needs.  The company is certified by the Florida Department of Transportation, and with key personnel certified by ACI and PCI, customers are assured of their plant's proven capability to produce quality products.

Dura-Stress known for applying technological expertise in unique fashion, the company has built their reputation on pursuing new challenges and objectives well in advance of others. A charter member of the Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) and the Florida Prestressed Concrete Association, the company aims to maintain this leadership position through their dedicated and commitment to the production of a diverse range of quality products and services with the most modern equipment and techniques available.

Their manufacturing facility is well located in proximity to major roads and highways. The company internals transportation fleet allows Dura-Stress to deliver customer products to job on their schedule. The company has learned that use of their products can be improved when Dura-Stress is concerned with the design team in the early stages of any project. The company has years of experience and type of planning and working together have made them an industry leader.

Dura-Stress can mold units to achieve any desired feature. Design input from the professionals of Dura-Stress early into a project will improve the project through accelerated construction and significant cost savings and their coordinated crew effort guarantee that best utility and quality are achieved. A variety in design expression, repetitive precasting, uniformly high levels of quality control, a variety of finishes on load-bearing and non-load bearing components, energy competence, acoustics, strength and low maintenance make architectural precast a natural choice for schools, hospitals, office buildings and other structures.

Dura-Stress gives strong, durable light poles to the Department of Transportation, municipalities and power companies. This is used for light, power and flagpoles; these are designed to be suitable for the particular climate requirements of this part of the country. The company light poles, lighting their community's highways and neighborhoods. If customer needs is for a parking structure to accommodate 75 vehicles or 10,000 of them, Dura-Stress offers sole-source responsibility to solve even the most complex parking problems.