Gabes Construction Co Inc


Gabes Construction Co Inc was started by Jacob Gabrielse and his sons John, George, and Edwin in 1942. This Wisconsin corporation, in its third generation, has served the utility industry with hard work and determination. Jacob's commitment to quality, integrity and service to the customer has been continued by his successors. Over the years, Gabes Construction have installed thousands of miles of fiber optics, underground pipes and cables for various telephone companies, gas utilities, electric companies, municipalities, cable TV, and private industries.
Today, Gabes Construction have performed diversified underground utility construction throughout the United States from its headquarters in Sheboygan, Wisconsin with field offices in Green Bay, Wisconsin; Detroit, Michigan; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Indianapolis, Indiana; Toledo, Ohio; Chicago; and Illinois. Gabes Construction specializes in Design/Build turn key communications solutions. Gabes Construction also provides a fully trained staff of field and office Project Managers, full-time Materials Manager, and formal project management using MS-Project 98 and other software.
Gabes Construction services include an experienced team of cable technicians, directional drilling teams, fiber splicing, aerial construction, prefabricated building and hut construction, specialized projects. Gabes Construction offers its clients with a wide range of installation techniques. As an alternative to traditional methods of pipe installation, Gabes Construction also installs products using the horizontal directional drilling technique. Gabes Construction has been a leader in the construction of natural gas pipelines and distribution systems, serving various utilities throughout the Greater Midwest on a continuous basis since 1944.
Gabes Construction technical service is a portion of the company that specializes in post-construction services and has call center to serve multiple clients. Field technicians perform regular route inspection and are on call for immediate response to emergency locates. The engineering & planning department provides the following services such as route design, real estate and ROW acquisition/permit acquisition, network architecture design and consulting, field engineering and designs, drafting and mapping, GPS and GIS services, structure leasing expertise.
Gabes Construction provides the availability of modern equipment to install underground utility in an efficient, productive, and safe manner.