Ganneston Construction Corp.


The company is celebrating its 42 year of giving general contracting, construction management, and design-build services for various clients in the public and private sectors of Maine. The company has a considerable record of successful completed projects and current projects of various types, sizes, dollar values and complexity.
General Contracting services using Design bid, build. This is the project delivery method generally used in the public sector when state and/or federal dollars are to be used to fund a portion or all of the construction. The Architect is usually hired on a qualifications based procedure which generally contains the owner advertising for services, designers responding by submitting their qualifications, likely an interview process run by the owner of a short list of qualified firms, then a final selection by the owner.
The Architect provides design documents for the theoretical, schematic, design development and construction documents phases of the project development. The Architect and his design consultants, normally include civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers, are likely to design within a construction budget set by the owner and responsible for estimating their design and advising the owner of the expected construction costs based on their experience for each phase of the design process and is responsible for communicating the whole design objective through correct, complete and well coordinated construction documents, such that the project can be put out for competitive request.

Ganneston Construction Corp. offers general construction, construction management, and design builds services. The company has important experience in wood framed, concrete and steel framed, multi-family residential, commercial and industrial buildings, including government facilities, health care facilities, schools, banks, retail, offices, warehouses, manufacturing and industrial facilities. The company is also an authorized builder of Kirby Metal Building Systems and Mesco Building Systems.

The company has had a quality control program from 1997 and it is analysis annually. The executive management team assigns a quality control manager to a project with the authority to manage and implement the quality control Program.

Since 1995 Ganneston Construction Corp has had a safety program in place. The company has updates its safety plan and MSDS Hazardous Plan on an annual basis. They have a brilliant safety record and a current Experience Mod. The company main priority is safety of their customer.