Gardner Turfgrass Inc.


Gardner Turfgrass, Inc. was established in 1969. The company constantly provides quality grass and personal attention to each project. They have been covering America's Sunbelt with a large variety of healthy sod, grown and cut in the climatic zone where it will be installed. The company recognizes the importance of technology to their industry, and invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in R&D, testing new seed mixes and species. Gardner has been working with and funding universities, extension agents and turf grass breedersÂâ€Ã¢„¢ worldwide from 1980 in research and development of drought tolerant/low water use grass varieties.
Al Gardner was the first sod grower to be invited to sit on the board of the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP). Al and his Son Stan were Presidents of Turf Producers International (TPI). Stan Gardner was committee member on TPIÂâ€Ã¢„¢s water right committee that developed the book Water Right.
Their water, preserving their environment, Green CO helped in developing best management practices for the Colorado Front Range greens industry.  Stan was also president/manager of Sunbelt Reclamation from 1996-2004 working with and planting native grasses, flowers and shrubs in AZ, TX, NM, UT, NV and CA. the company has worked with cities, government agencies and irrigation control experts throughout the Front Range and southwest desert climates to make sure that the water needs of both people and landscapes are met.
The company offers, three convenient sod farm locations servicing three states Colorado, New Mexico and Texas, the latest in technological advances in grass varieties, grass harvesting, lawn installations and processing of grass and lawn products. The choice of the right turf grass sod for customer area, needs and purposes, including turf varieties that feature longer color maintenance, better wear easiness and lower water needs. Quality turf cultured and treated as necessary, to keep out weeds, disease and insect pests. The healthy turf, grown and harvested to provide strong root systems that become established and self-sustaining faster.
Timely delivery to the project is the finishing touch and orders start at the farm office where their professional staff helps with the turf variety selection, availability, ordering and delivery schedules. The turf is harvested and delivered within hours assuring a fresh, green lawn. Their produce schedules are designed to provide early delivery for installation first thing in the morning.