Holt Drilling Inc.

By: Bubbajunk.com

Holt Drilling Inc. was established in 1984. The company consulting engineers and geologists in the Northwest. Their drillers are prepared to go anywhere, any time. They can operate around the clock, using the latest equipment, backed by mobile phones in every rig, a staff mechanic and a wide stock of parts.

The company more than 143 years drilling experience between them, they can solve just about any problem in the field. The company knows how to get maximum production out of every rig, and they share what they know at daily production meetings. This saves customer time and money. The best drillers deserve the best rigs, they have made an investment in powerful, modern equipment, and they plan to keep developing to meet new demands. Holt Drilling is big enough to give customer complete turnkey service, yet small enough that customer can call and talk to them, the owner. Holt becomes a big company, but they still operate like a small one.

The company is known for its cable tool drilling, and with eight rigs, the company has the right equipment for customer job whether itÂâ€Ã¢„¢s drilling a 6" hole to 500 feet or testing a 20" hole to 1,200 feet. Holt teams don't have many breakdowns. Their rigs are new and modern, most less than 4 years old. A staff mechanic maintains them top to bottom. But when trouble does happen, nobody can get back on-line faster than Holt. Mobile phones in every truck let teams call rapidly for assistance.

Auger Capabilities; Environmental testing, Monitoring wells, Geotechnical testing, Over water work, Well decommissioning, Limited access drilling (indoors or in other tight spots), Ground water extraction wells. Number of rigs: 9, HSA inside diameter: 4", 6", 10.25", Depth: To 200 feet. Other: 140 lb. automatic hammers, Down-the-hole sampling hammers, Gus piston sampler for Shelby tubes, Full-sized support truck for each rig, Lights for night drilling, Self contained high pressure decontamination trailers with potable water (No generator required), Wire line coring capabilities for maximum speed mud rotary drilling and Mud rotary drilling.

The company is CPR and first aid trained and undergoes a thorough annual physical. Holt reinforces its commitment and dedicated to safety by maintaining hazardous waste and substance abuse education programs.