Houghton Chemical Corp.

By: Bubbajunk.com

From last 75 years, company has built a desirable reputation for high quality and prompt, considerate service in chemicals and chemical related products marketed on a national and international basis. The company is a family-owned and operated distribution and manufacturing company headquartered located in Boston with diversified but organized operations.
Their profit sharing plan, they provide quality employment and give confidence all employees to be active participants in community activities at work and at home. They are enthusiastic supporters of many industry and trade organizations including NACD, Responsible Distribution Program, ASTM Association of Water Technology, ASHRAE and National Paint & Coatings Association and DCAT.

Houghton chemicals corporations are commitment and dedication to quality of the highest order in all products from last 70 years. The company prices are competitive, quality and service considered, technical, engineering services and quality control laboratory available. Most sales personnel have college organic chemistry and well financed, high credit company, with a desirable status with suppliers.

This combination assists account for their unusual proven performance during shortages, modern meticulously supervised operation with rail siding and newly enlarged tank farms. The superior staff personnel and plant personnel and drivers are non union and extensively trained. Superior, modern equipment is used for trouble-free service.

The company provides services are Plant; Separate tanks, pumps and pipelines for each product, clean, well-maintained tanks, Thorough empty drum inspection to make sure  purity, all drums sealed for user's protection, drums filled by weight for constant accuracy, and four stainless steel mixing tanks of various types for customer compounding and blending.

Transportation; trained professional drivers are cooperative, helpful and courteous. Their modern stainless steel or aluminum tank trucks, custom designed for chemicals and solvents, special pipe for contamination-free deliveries, drum filling equipment properly grounded for their safety, compartments tagged and calibrated for exact checking on loading and unloading, Ever-Tite fittings for speed and cleanliness, and all tank trucks equipped with a complete set of hoses, fittings, drum nozzles and spark-proof tools.

The company gives modern market information and advice to all customers and potential buyers for more economy in purchasing plans. The separate order departments for bulk and for drums to provide immediate answers to questions and complete follow-through on orders and large enough to completely satisfy all customer needs and small enough for to know and reach immediately the decision-making people in the company.